Thursday, February 25, 2010

J's First Ever Field Trip - AZ Museum of Natural History

I thought this field trip could be a fun daddy/son bonding time, so M scheduled the day off, and went with the group as a parent volunteer.  He ended up driving himself and J, so that there would be more room on the buses and so that if I went into labor or whatever, he could leave if they needed to.  On the way, one of the buses got a flat tire, so they had to transfer all the kids from that bus to the other bus -- crazy!  They got to the museum about a half hour late . . . and M and J had time for a photo shoot before they arrived:

When they arrived, M was assigned one other boy to keep watch of while they were there.  That seems like not a lot, but remember, these are kindergarten age boys running amok in a dinosaur museum . . . M said he had to keep up with them, like get one boy to go over where the other one was a lot.  M said they were only at the museum for like 1.5 hours and then they loaded up again and headed to the park to have lunch.

J and his classmate Damon

Panning for gold (J's arm is in the bottom corner - good photography M)

J and T. eating lunch in the park together

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