Tuesday, March 02, 2010

(SSD014) - Ear Infections and Pneumonia

I apologize for my late posting today . . . the countdown to being 40 weeks preggo continues.  This week has been crazy out of control already, and it's only Tuesday!  YIKES!  
Friday night Baby E was running a fever and really congested.  We gave him tylenol/motrin, but he would not take in fluids, and I was worried about him, so I slept on he floor beside his bed (stupid thing to do at 39 weeks pregnant).  Anyway, I cried a bit, and when I woke up in the morning, I had the most intense pain in my right ear ever!  Seriously OW!  

Saturday, Mic took the baby to the pediatrician, where he was diagnosed with double ear infections, and pneumonia -- he had a breathing treatment there, and an antibiotic shot . . . and his lungs were sounding much more clear when he left.  Late Saturday night his fever broke, much to our relief.  

Sunday was an okay day, mostly we just all rested -- an interesting thought occurred to me while I was on the couch -- in my kitchen I have block letters that say "Find joy in the journey" and I asked Mic what he thought the joy was in all this sickness we were dealing with? (Right before all this DD had a really bad cold and cough, and was super sick).  The baby was not taking fluids so well still, so we worried about that. Then late Sunday night my ear started to REALLY hurt.  Baby E had an appt. again Monday morning.  She checked him out and said to keep going with the antibiotics and that he looked better.  Monday afternoon he started to drink milk again!  YAY!  There was some joy in this journey afterall!!!  

My ear was like death pain at this point though, so I went to the urgent care where she diagnosed me as having an ear infection (SERIOUSLY -- who gets an ear infection at age 31???) in both the canal and middle part of my ear. I was put on antibiotics too -- but with being pregnant, there are no drops approved for in the ear canal, so I am having to do vinegar/distilled water to clear out that part of the infection.  My ear was killing me last night, so my genius hubby told me to ice it, and it helped SO much!  I was finally able to sleep and this morning things are better!  Yet another joy!  

So all that said, here is the sketch for this weeks challenge.  Hope you will also take some time and visit the blogs of the other design team members and leave them some comments and love!  And most importantly, hope you are having a better week than I am so far!  Remember to *SMILE!*  Oh, and special thanks to Jami Bova (our new sketch designer for the month of March - go visit her cool blog)!


Karen said...

Oh (((((((((hugs Amanda))))))) I hope everyone feels better sooner rather than later. I love your card.

Brimaca said...

My hubby had an earache last year. It was horrible. He was in such pain. Makes you feel for you babies I guess. I thought it was weird he got one - and now you. I always knew you were both a little weird. ;) Love ya Manda- get better soon!

Chelsea said...

Wow...what a crazy few days. Hope everyone starts to feel well soon. Pretty card.

mE said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! I love how you've made the hummingbird look like it's nestled in a bush/shrubbery.