Monday, March 29, 2010

Soccer Saturdays . . .

and Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! Soccer all week long! My kids both wanted to play soccer this spring, so we signed them up -- well, since they re-did the age groups, they can no longer be on the same team as E is playing on an older non co-ed team, and J is playing little kiddie hive ball.  Anyway, that said, they both have two practices a week, which happen to fall on different nights luckily, but keep me busy pretty much everyday of the week.  PHEWS! 

They are enjoying it for the most part.  The only bummer thing is that because they are both team #4 in their league level, they have the same schedule for games pretty much, but different locations, which means Michael and I have to divide and conquer.  I wish that was different. We will know for next year though!

Here are some fun pictures from E's practice and a couple from J's first game!  They are growing up so fast!

E running a drill . . . she looks so short compared to everyone!

J action shots during the first game!

J took this picture of my little guy during one of E's practices

How could you not just love this little man -- so good at practices!!!

He has the prettiest eyes!

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