Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

J graduated from kindergarten today!  It was a hot, sunny morning!  He looked so adorable in the little purple graduation cap.  We are so proud of him.  He is a crazy little nut and has grown so much this year!  

Being at his graduation totally made me think of the movie "The Incredibles" where they talked about celebrating mediocrity, and I decided that I totally don't even care, it was fun anyway.  Mind you I would not want to do that for every grade.  

The other thought I had while I was watching them walk was about how much potential each of these little people possess and how some of them may end up drop outs, and some might end up as doctors and mommies, they are our future.  

After he graduated, we let him pick out a graduation gift, and he chose a Lego Darth Vader's ship.  He started to work on it and then was not feeling so well, (aka, he tossed his cookies) so he ended up in bed.  CRAZY day!  

Congratulations son!  Class of 2010!

J and his daddy in the classroom after he ate a very purple cupcake

J and his teacher Ms. Sermeno -- thank you for an awesome year!

My Little Charmer!

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