Friday, June 18, 2010

Hot Dog Eating Contest

My crazy, zany, lovable hubby managed to get himself involved in another eating contest at work . . . and he actually WON again . . . who would have thought?  This time it was turkey hot dogs, just the meat, no buns.  He managed to eat 13 in 20 minutes (that was the time limit) and his competition ate 12!  EW!  Here are some pictures of the event!

I like this one cause he looks like he is gonna puke (these were taken on a cell phone, so pardon the quality)

His competition - and a look at how many hot dogs they cooked and did not eat!  LOL

My silly hot dog eating winner - scared for what their next eating competition will be -- me, I vote for donuts!

1 comment:

cmoses said...

Well, at least the hotdogs looked good. He may want to have a cholesterol check.