Thursday, July 01, 2010

J's 6th Birthday DAY of FUN

I asked J what he wanted to do on his birthday, and we made up a schedule for the day.  The first thing was that he wanted to have a fruit plate for breakfast (he loves fresh fruit), and as usual, I was not quite prepared as of the morning of his birthday, so we went to the store to get some fruit, and on the way, I discovered that the A/C on my van had broken some time the previous night when I switched vehicles with hubby and he and the kids went home.  AHHH!  If you are not from Phoenix, it is on average about 110F here right now!

Seriously not what I had been planning to do on J's birthday, but I called the dealership and they figured it out so that I could rent a van for the day and they would get it fixed for me.  We drove 45 minutes to the dealership (YUCKY sauna van but we had cold water and windows opened) and we were taken care of and out of there in about 30 minutes. ( I *LOVE* SanTan Honda) Once we had the rental, we went home, had lunch, I put both babies down for a nap and J played Lego Indiana Jones for a little over an hour while they napped. (That is what he had planned to do after breakfast in the morning).

When the naps were done, we headed to Jump & Shout Play Center (at Mesa Riverview) to play for a little while!  It was a BLAST!  The kids loved it, it was not crowded at all, and it was indoor and air conditioned which is FABULOUS if you are like me and hate getting all sweaty yucky!  

Baby E's favorite toy at Jump & Shout

Mic was able to leave work a little bit early and came over to meet us there.  We let the kids play a little longer and then headed to Red Robin for J's birthday dinner (he chose to go there, not that I minded, love that place).


J got a leapster game, a wii game, 2 lego sets and  a camera

I told Mic it looks like we're drowning in kids in this picture - lol

After dessert and presents we headed home and the kids fell into bed -- they were all so tired!  It turned out to be an awesome day thanks to the people who work at SanTan Honda helping me out!  They ROCK!  It was a great day of fun!

 Happy 6th Birthday Little Man!

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