Sunday, July 25, 2010

San Diego Weekend -- Balboa Park & San Diego Museum of Natural History

Our plan was to head to the beach today, but because more than one of us was sunburned, I decided that was not an option.  We searched online from our hotel and found that Balboa park was nearby and that both the science center and museum of natural history were free for AZ Science Center members (*score right*) so we went to the museum of natural history!  It was cool!  E enjoyed the gems and J really loved all the dinosaur bones.  I gave him his camera and he took some pictures.  I think he did awesome!

He says "Cheese!"

We also got to learn some cool stuff about birds and owls vs. eagles with the museums "Miss Frizzle" from the Magic School Bus learning show.  It was a Sunday also, so we got to participate in the "Dinosaur Sunday's" event.  The kids got to dig for dinosaur fossils, make necklaces, color, battle a dinosaur, and play.  They really enjoyed it.



*Gems Exhibit*

My two little dwarfs posing in front of the mine

E with her birth stone - Amethyst

E and J and an iron meteorite

*Dinosaurs Exhibit on 2nd Floor*


LOOK - Baby E was there!  Smiling even! 

E and the manatee statue 
*sidenote: do you ever watch Veggie Tales?  She was singing the Barbara Manatee song right before we took this picture . . . "Barbara Manatee, you are the one for me, sent from up above, you are the one I love" hehehe*

J thought this jaw skull hands on thing was cool!

E and Daddy walking back  to our van through Balboa Park

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