Saturday, July 24, 2010

San Diego Weekend -- Sea World

We had fun adventuring around Sea World.  We got to meet Shamu (the dressed up person version - lol) and got to see the new Blue Horizons show, and the Shamu show (where we sat in the "soak zone" and got splashed by Shamu) and the best part was that the kids tickets were only $5 (we bought the Sea World cares tickets).  

Baby E got to go on the Abby's Sea Star Spin (which was one of his first rides ever and he loved it)and Oscars Rocking Eels twisty boat like ride (which was cute) in Sesame Street Bay of Play.  

After that we went and watched the new Blue Horizons show (which featured acrobats, dolphins, and lots of cool costumes - I wish we saw more of the dolphins though and less acting and acrobatics and that it was not in the direct sun because we all got a little sunburned waiting for the show to begin.  


E and J got to go white water rafting (for the first time ever after waiting in a long long line) at Shipwreck Rapids.  Baby E and I checked out the starfishes at the California Tide Pool and the HUGE sea bass while they did that and it was a lot of fun.

We saw sting rays and eels.  E was deathly afraid of touching the sting rays even after we explained that they could not hurt her, that they were altered. (We even got to see some baby rays).  She was also TOTALLY afraid to go into the underground viewing area to see the eels, but then when we went, she realized how not scary they are.  Eels are super creepy though, just for the record.

(If you have been to SeaWorld, you understand this chant of terror - and funny, they just happened to pick my section as the first one to send Shamu to to come splash)

My favorite part of all of Sea World was the penguins -- they were just amazing to watch, and if it wasn't so freezing, I would have stayed in there for a lot longer.  It was like watching a live version of 'March of the Penguins' -- they were SO cute!!

The beluga whales were also really neat to watch . . . I was sad that the manatees had been moved to Orlando, so we did not get to see them.  We ended the day by the kids and Michael going on Journey to Atlantis (and getting a wee bit wet).  The kids all fell asleep in the van on the way back to the hotel, so that is a sign that we had a good day!

Baby M was there too -- although she spent lots of time in the stroller covered up! 
 Peek a Boo!

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