Friday, September 10, 2010

FRIDAY - Disneyland Hotel/Swimming

We woke up early this morning, packed, loaded the van and started to drive for California.  We arrived around 2:30 pm at the resort, and checked in (they put us in the Wonder tower which was undergoing renovation (BOO).  I was sort of sad about that, but the show must go on. The pool was also undergoing some remodeling, so there was lots of noise (BOO).  I wish I had known about these renovations when I was booking and I would have probably gone with Paradise Pier.  Oh well.  

We walked downtown Disney for a bit after our bags were brought up.  We got Mickey ears in the Build a Bear shop for "Bolt" (J's puppy) and "Abby" (E's lamb).  We did a quickie browse of the Lego Store because J LOVES Lego.



Then we ate some dinner in The Grand Californian hotel at Whitewater Snacks.  Afterwards we wandered back to the hotel (made a pit stop at Marcelline's confectionary for some treats - E got this awesome popcorn with chocolate and caramel - YUM, and J got a cupcake with a Mickey ring and a chocolate Mickey head truffle).  They had the coolest caramel apples, or chocolate apples there, and I asked the girl at the counter if I could take a picture and she did one better, she opened up the case for me and took a couple pictures for me.  

Then the kids got ready for swimming and went down for a night time dip in the pool.  They were SO excited.


After their swim, they got ready for bed, and then watched a bedtime story on the t.v. (they have these bedtime stories of all the princesses and my kids just LOVED them)!!  I passed out from exhaustion at this point, and Michael stayed up and got the younger two settled in.  *so sweet of him*

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