Sunday, September 12, 2010

SUNDAY - The Beach

Michael really wanted to see the ocean.  We usually avoid it because almost always we all get sunburned regardless of the amount of sunscreen we use.  SO, we decided we would go for 30 minutes only.  Usually I don't burn, and in the 30 minutes I was not burned, but I did get burned in the 30 minutes more it took to change all 4 of my kids out of wet swimsuits and into clothes for the ride home.  I changed them in the van but my back was exposed to the sun the whole time, so I got a burn on just my back.  No kids are sunburned though, and neither is Mic (my silly redheaded hubby) so I am calling it a success.



cmoses said...

What cute pictures! I live near the ocean too. Great day!

Brimaca said...

More pics of that sweet baby please!

And I am going private because my kiddos are always in their underwear and I can't convince them to stay dressed.