Sunday, January 08, 2012

Disneyland - January

So with the economy being crap, and hubs commute being long . . . we decided that we did not want to continue to try and rent out our other house in Phx (for a loss each month) and we also decided to not continue to live here in Maricopa (many factors contributed to this, mostly the long commute), so my forever home quickly became my not forever home.

We were debating a cross state move to Washington or Oregon, but we decided to hold off for now and just move to Chandler, AZ (closer to hubs work) because 1) there are not a ton of rentals available in those states we mentioned and 2) Mic's job here is pretty sweet!  We might make a move in a few years (when our credit is restored and we can buy again) to one of those places . . . but it is part two of the plan, not smooshed into part one.  Anyway, when we were in the not sure if it would be smooshed in phase one, we decided that since we had promised our kids we would do annual passes again when M turned two, we should probably start that a little early, just in case.  Long story short, we got our passes before she turned two, so we could get in some quality Disneyland time in case we were moving to another state too far Michael woke up Saturday morning and decided he wanted to go, and I gave him an hour to have everyone packed and ready and said if he could do it, we could go.  He did.

Here are some of my fave pictures from this trip . . .

E and M survived their first character greeting with no tears

Meeting Sully from Monsters Inc - we had never done this in all the bazillion times we have been to Disneyland

E feeling super excited to go on Heimlich ride for the first time (well at least that he can remember)

M's awesome tantrums between rides . . . she hates lines . . . 

Flik's Flyers -- all six of us in one box :-)

Yay Ladybugs and no more tantrum because she is on the ride now . . . 

Random Disney Dance Crew Mickey 

Seeing the castle all lit up for Christmas at night - so pretty! 

Megs and Ethan on the carousel . . . they are getting SO big!

Dumbos with both my littles

 Okay with tiki's on the outside, death terror scream on the inside (E was totally freaked by the birds in the tiki room.  We didn't even make it to the thunder part)....

4 babies on the train alone (well, with me) while Mic parked the car (took him like 40 minutes to meet back up with us)

Messing around with the ball (and me letting the germophobe in me just get over it) 

 Just before we left . . . well, E and E had fun . . . dark side out in full force . . . 

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