Friday, January 20, 2012

Weezer Cruise - Day 2 - At Sea


We woke up, had breakfast, got drinks to take with us and then decided to lounge out on the deck and listen to music on my ipod.  It was so loud and crazy on the upper Lido deck all the time, but we discovered on a lower deck, it was shady and just perfect.  The water was so swirly and cool.  It was also so strange that we could see only water all around us. 

We did lunch and then met up with some friends that we met the night before at the show, the Stockwell's and played some mini golf.  




3 pm it was time to go to The Pinkerton Diaries reading.  They made it a ticketed event and hubby got lucky and so we got to go.  When we walked in, there was this tiny bench in front with no table, so Michael asked if anyone was sitting there, and they weren't so we sat.  It was SO perfect and right in front and I got some great pictures.  It was such a unique experience.  I loved how Rivers just came in and started reading.  No introduction.  Nothing.  The quick Q & A session that Rivers offered at the end was interesting too!  



We stopped and got some ice cream cones and watched a few minutes of the Wavves show on the Lido Deck.  There was just SO much stuff to do on this cruise . . . we literally kept going all the time.

We rested up a bit in our cabin and then put on our ugly sweaters and headed down to the Universe Dining Room for dinner.  We were seated alone, just the two of us, which was kind of a bummer, but we had fun.  Michael tried alligator for the first time and I had a lobster tail.

Love those UGLY sweaters!  They made me smile!

Alligator appetizer

Mic being brave and trying it . . . 

My yum lobster tail dinner

9 pm came and it was doors open time for the B-sides and Pinkerton show in the Palladium lounge.  We were not lucky enough to get "golden tickets" (aka, tickets to both shows) but I was really excited that our show was the first night show because I could only imagine how tired we would be after the whole day in Cozumel.

Rivers came into the crowd as they opened with troublemaker . . . we were front row center, but then they had a VIP box for those who had restricted views (there were some big poles in the theater) and so we were not at the very front.  Rivers walked through the box in front of us, and then on the bench behind me.  Very sweet!  It was so hard to take good pictures because security was SO tight about video and they always thought people were taking video and would walk in front of us, so it was a challenge to take shots around them.

Mic and I all sweaty in between sets.

They did b-sides and then took a quick break and Karl did a slide show of stuff, pictures, etc. from Pinkerton, and then they came back out and played Pinkerton in its entirety.  It was a fantastic show, one I will not soon forget.


At the end of the show, they were throwing out setlists, etc. and they threw out a drum stick, and Michael caught it for me.  I could not believe how lucky . . . I guess that was a perk of being so close to the front.  The coolest part about the drum stick is that is has both Pat Wilson and Josh Freese's names on it . . . so it is very clear who it belonged to AND the =W= weezer logo is on it for the "w" in Pat's name!  

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