Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weezer Cruise - Day 4 - Headed Home . . .

Sunday we started off the morning with some breakfast, in the dining room, where we met an awesome LDS couple, the Kindall's. It turns out that they were right near us during the concert too . . . totally random.  Glad we met them though, they got an awesome picture of Michael at the show with Rivers right beside him, and since we knew them, they emailed it to us!  Yay! 

After breakfast we headed up to the Lido Deck and hung out until it was time to do the vow renewal ceremony with Scott Shriner.  There was a surprisingly lot of people there to do this, AND a dude proposed to his girlfriend there, which was kind of sweet. It was cool that we got a quick chance to say hello and meet Scott after the ceremony too.

After, we had to go down to get our picture taken with the band.  We had literally about 9 seconds with them, but still cool.  I was worried about it turning out okay, but it did :)

After we got our pic done, we wandered up to the Sun Deck to see the Shuffleboard Finals with Pat.  I had never seen shuffleboard before, but it was kind of fun!  Pat totally LOST, I don't think he even scored any points, but it was still fun to watch . . . 

The legendary . . . Patrick Wilson!

Looked good, but failed to score . . . 

After shuffleboard came the whole ship group photo . . . which I am pretty sure you can't even see us in, but we were there!   Then the Weezer Q&A session.  It was actually interesting to hear some of the questions and the answers that the band members tossed out.

At the Q&A session, Rivers said something about meeting up on the basketball court to kick a soccer ball around, so we went up there and watched.  Rivers came up the stairs with his wife, saw how crazy crowded it was and watched for a couple minutes and then left.  We saw him go, so after that, we went and watched the sunset together.  It was gorgeous!!

Later, we went to the Doug Loves Movies Podcast with Doug Benson.  It was totally funny and I am glad we went!
It was mustache night ... so here is Mic with his

Doug Benson in his cruise bath robe

After the podcast, we went to see Free Energy on the casino stage.  The casino stage was so tiny and just randomly right there by a bar and was always a busy spot . . . the show was fun, but they were SO sweating to death as they performed.  

This is the tech trying to fix their equipment after the dude spilled his beer on it (such a small space)

Since it was our last night and we still wanted to see Sleeper Agent and Ozma, we stayed up way past our bedtimes *wink* and saw both of them before the night was through.  I am glad we did because they were both AMAZING!  

Sleeper Agent

Sleeper Agent



Such a fun cruise!  I only hope that one day they will do another Weezer Cruise.  I would for sure do another cruise through Sixthman though, they were awesome!  Thanks for checking out my cruise pics. 

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