Saturday, April 21, 2012

Firebird Raceway Monster Trucks/SeaLife Aquarium

I heard that Monster Trucks were coming to Firebird Raceway, and since we moved approximately a five minute drive from there, I thought it would be a blast for the older two kids.  So, we decided to divide and conquer, and I took the smaller two to the SeaLife Aquarium while Michael took E and J.  Mic learned that when the camera asks if you want to delete all frames, the answer is no, but he managed to take a bunch more pictures after he deleted the whole first bunch.  They had a blast.  They especially enjoyed the robosaurus.  They loved that it ate a car. 





 The littles and I had a great time at the aquarium.  We enjoyed watching the porcupine fish and we got to see the sea turtle.

E touching some sea life

  The littles love this round room where the fish swim around you

E got a good look at the eel who came out to visit

Both of my little sweet babies fell asleep on the way home . . . they had a bunch of fun!

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