Saturday, May 12, 2012

San Francisco Mom-cation {Friday & Saturday}

Happy Mothers Day to me!  Due to the fact that I have been feeling extremely burned out as a parent, my husband said I could go on a little mom vacation, just me, somewhere not too far away/not too expensive and explore, relax, etc.  I decided to go to San Francisco because I had never been there.  I arrived really late Friday night and it was kind of creepy to be in a city I did not know at all, but an awesome guy on my flight stayed with me until my GPS on my phone located where I needed to be headed and I was okay and on my way.  I checked in to my hotel and was quite happy with where I had chosen.  It was lovely.  

The next morning, I slept in.  When I woke up, I watched the news (not cartoons) while I got ready for the day and then went off exploring. I took about a bazillion pictures, so I apologize in advance.  I will try to only post my absolute favorites!

View that I woke up to out of my hotel window (totally forgot to close the shades)

Views from my walk down to the harbor area

Fruit and Veggie market


Bay Bridge

Coit Tower

Random Fire Alarm Poles next to parking meters

On the boat to Alcatraz Island (View of City behind me)

(View of Bay Bridge behind me)



Cell Block

Typical cell

Me inside of an icky cell

If you broke the rules, you got to go in here . . . eek!  Dark and scary!

View of the city on the boat ride back

My feet were sore a bit (stupid me, I wore tiny flip flops), but I decided to walk down and explore Pier 39 a bit before calling it a night.  It wasn't really that far to walk and there was so much to see!

Hand built carousel - coolest thing is it was double decker

A gazillion flavors of salt water taffy

Hard Rock Cafe

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by building, especially really tall ones, and the cool unique styles of architecture, and textures they have.  As I walked back, I got detoured because they were shooting a commercial for and had closed down a couple whole blocks, and I ended up seeing some interesting buildings and taking some pictures.

When I got back, I grabbed some Subway on the way back to my room and then ate dinner and soaked my tootsies.  A guy had handed me a paper about a comedy show and the admission was like $7 or something, so I decided I would check that out.  I arrived at the address listed and this is the comedy club I found. (Below)  The show turned out to have I think 4 total audience members besides myself and 6 or 7 amateur comedians performed for about 7 minutes each.  It was quite an interesting experience.  They were pretty funny!  I met a Canadian couple from Quebec at the show.  They invited me for a drink after the show was done, but I declined as I was tired and ready to crash.

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