Thursday, July 05, 2012

4th of July - Tumbleweed Park

Whenever I look at past posts on this blog that have my kids in it, it strikes me how fast they are growing up.  These pictures totally made me feel that way.                     This year we just chilled out at home all day on the 4th, and then went to Tumbleweed Park, in Chandler, to see what was happening there.  It was kind of crazy, so we played on the playground for a little bit, until it started to be too dark to keep track of the kids, and then we ended up just putting our picnic blanket down and playing uno and watching movies on Netflix on my phone until the fireworks began.  It was fun!  The parking lot to exit afterwards was a NIGHTMARE though, but it started clearing up after about a half hour.  Good times!  
My 4 kids, getting so big!

This is typical for Meg

Watching movies




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