Sunday, July 15, 2012

Canada Trip - Amherstview, Ontario - Day 4

We had a nice slow Sunday, visiting with my mom and introducing the kids to playing old Super Nintendo . . . My sister had to be back to work by 6 pm in Toronto, so we spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with Chris and family at her house.  Chris was supposed to have a flight that left at like 5 pm, but due to some delays, she was going to miss her connecting flight to Paris, so they booked her on an earlier flight and she and Radu had to jet off in a hurry.  We got to hang out a bit with Brianna and Aiden, which was fun.  The kids puttered around and played toys.  It was really relaxing.  

Michael and Aiden hanging out playing guitar

J playing around on Grandma's old piano . . . I remember playing it when I was a kid
Eliza let Emma text anyone she wanted to in her contact list, so Em was texting . . . 

Super talented rock star little cousin Aiden!

Brianna, Me and Aiden (Love my little cousins)

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