Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canada Trip - Heading Home - Day 7

We woke up nice and early . . . my kids don't know how to sleep in.  We had some yummy pancakes and then the kids wanted to take a boat ride before we had to leave... I am so glad that we took the time to visit my uncle Rick and aunt Sheila.  It was fantastic to see them!

Our flight back did not go quite as planned.  We were there super early -- so we got some Harveys/Swiss Chalet for lunch.  The flight out of Ottawa was delayed and so we arrived in Detroit a half hour late.  We made a run from C gate to A76, the very last gate in A terminal, and we missed our flight because there was no one there to let us on. The flight was still on the ground.  It sucked.  Then they were trying to tell us the next direct flight would be Friday, and they were out of hotel rooms (It was late Wednesday).  There was no way we were going to live in the airport for two days with four kids.  

After waiting in a line for 2 hours, maybe more, this awesome dude hooked us up with a flight into Salt Lake, where he said there was a hotel room waiting for us, and a flight the next morning bright and early.   When we got to SLC, they awesome chick there got us vouchers for hotel, cab, breakfast and even hooked us up with diapers for the babies because after our LONG ordeal, we had actually run out.  I was so thankful and we managed to get a few hours sleep.   

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