Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canada Trip - Ottawa, Ontario - Day 1

Our trip to Canada for my cousin Chris' wedding, ended up kind of coming together in a whirlwind.  Things had been pretty crazy around the Sewell home and I had not had a chance to submit passport applications for the fab four, but we did it just in the nick of time, and they arrived 3 days before we wanted to leave, so we booked flights, hotels, etc. and off we went.  

We booked a red eye flight for the kids first time, thinking they would sleep on the plane, and since M and E had their car seats with us, they slept SO well.  It was awesome!  They only thing that wasn't awesome was that Mic and I did not sleep well.  We ended up getting to Ottawa, and to our hotel after picking up our rental and napping till our late 9 pm dinner.  We went to East Side Mario's because it is yummy and something we don't have at home in AZ. 

In the airport in Ottawa

Meg and me at East Sides

E, Dad and E at East Sides

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