Monday, August 13, 2012

Disneyland - August

This vacation put the mini in mini-vacation . . . we left Saturday morning early (okay, basically at midnight) and drove straight through to Disneyland . . . got to the parking garage at 6 am and were there for magic morning park open for California Adventure at 7 am.  We got to be at the front really close when they did the countdown, which was fun.  Once inside the park, it was a mass exodus to Cars Land (as I figured it would be).  The older two wanted to do Radiator Springs Racers again, so they went.  The littles and I went on the other two rides in Cars Land.  Mater was still fun as ever, but they made Luigi's Casa Della Tires even more lame by not allowing you to hold a ball at the start of the ride, so you have to try and catch them or pick them up which is pretty much impossible.  It's completely LAME now!  Major let down.  At least there was no wait time.  

After that, the littles wanted to go on Little Mermaid, so we did.  Then we met up with the rest of the crew and walked over to Paradise Pier, where the kids went on California Screamin' and then Toy Story Mania (both with no wait).  It was a crazy hour!  


We stayed and played in the parks until 2 pm, then everyone needed a nap, so we checked into our hotel and napped until dinner, had some dinner and headed back to play till park close!  

Sunday, we played a little bit in Disneyland and then headed home . . . such a quick trip, but still fun!  It was SO hot there this weekend . . . like 90's which is kind of not awesome at Disneyland, and so we spent lots of our time getting drinks and ice cream to keep everyone happy, but had fun just the same! 


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