Saturday, September 08, 2012

Apple Annie's Orchard

Weekend again, time for another adventure.  This week J was talking to me about his homework and actually said "Mom, we need to do more fun stuff so I have more to write about for my homework and in my journal!"  SERIOUSLY!  Crazy kid!  We do something practically every weekend!

We started off the day with a green smoothie (and my kids liked it -- wanted more.  Remind me to write the recipe I found here some time!)  Then we got in the van headed toward Tucson.  The ride there seemed really long, so we broke it up when the kiddos seemed bored by taking some pictures with the cool boulder-y mountains and we got off at a tourist trap that said we could see "The Thing."  The babies had fallen asleep so just E, J and their dad went to see the THING.  It cost $2.50 total for all of them and it turns out, the THING was a mummy (see pictures below).


 Rest Stop

Inside the museum at The Thing

A cool bug they say, they said it was really HUGE!

Almost there . . . 

J looking at the mummy

Close up -- totally creepy!  EW!

The on to the orchard.  The kids were so excited to get there!  First stop was to play on the tractors that kids were allowed to climb!  They all had such fun pretending to drive them.  Next . . . apples . . . they picked apples SO fast, I almost did not have time to capture pictures, but I think I managed to get one of each child.  We picked red delicious, some granny smith, and then took a cider donut break and went back to pick some peaches.  So much fun!  Sorry for the overdose of pictures - I never can choose!

E called this one the Mater tractor

Into the orchard . . . 

Dad with an apple he picked off the tree . . . J using the picking stick to reach a high apple

J and his apple...  Dad helping E to pick an apple up high

Daddy helping both his girlies pick some apples up high

My cute littles holding the apples they picked :)

Me helping Meg be able to reach the apple she wanted to get

My fab 4 in the cart

Dad helping M pick an apple

Some pretty granny smith apples on the tree

E picking apples . . . J sitting in the cart sampling some apples

M joins J and has an apple in the cart

My cuties and our apples on the walk back

Dropping off our apples to the car

Donut break . . . 

 Peaches on the trees . . . Dad reaching Meg up to reach a really high one . . .

Babies and peaches

Learning how rope was made and making a rope to take home

Playing rope like a cowboy

A few more shots of the cool boulder mountains on the way back :)

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Mona L. Pendleton said...

Gorgeous photos! Would make amazing scrap layouts or a mini album :)