Saturday, September 29, 2012

AZ Museum of Natural History/Organ Stop Pizza

I looked online to find an adventure for us today, and discovered it was free museum day, so we decided to take the crew to the Arizona Museum of Natural History, because who doesn't love dinosaurs!  We took our time and got there after lunch.  We spent a couple hours browsing the exhibits and exploring!  The kids panned for gold and E decided to jump in the water, and when we told him to get out of the roped off water fountain area, he went in more.

Kids outside of the museum

J with a meteorite

M posing with her cool green rock and the girls checking out amethyst
Dinosaur head

Kids with an Allosaurus bone

Boys checking out a scary set of dinosaur bones 

Putting together a mammoth puzzle

Making a wooden pot

In the jail

Panning for gold with dad

E crosses the rope and then climbs in the water and gets wet up to his neck . . . crazy boy!

J panning for gold and making friends

E and M searching for tiny bits of gold

M inside a hive at the museum

 Making movies at the green screen room and playing on the rocking pterodactyl

Posing with the mammoth

Meeting Humpty Dumpty!  There are so many cool random statues in Mesa down town.  (Love that J is picking his nose . . . that kiddo is such a silly character)

M had this great idea that since we were headed into Mesa, we should totally go to Organ Stop for dinner.  We hadn't been there forever!  It was a lot of fun!  The kids really enjoyed the yummy pizza and dancing to the music and eating ice cream. 

Organ Stop Pizza for dinner 

J, Me and E listening to some fun music!  They played our requests.

E giving dad a kiss :)  Aw!

M really excited about the dancing cats

E, Dad, and M loving Organ Stop and eating ice cream

Ice cream M and E and J posing with the big wooden pipes upstairs

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