Monday, September 03, 2012

Mandy Monday - Episode 1

Awhile ago I was reading a blog and saw a list of questions you can answer in a journal or blog to help your readers get to know you better.  Since I can foresee my kids looking back and reading through my blog when I am much older, I decided to incorporate this as a habit on the first Monday of every month.  Hope you enjoy reading this and learning about me!

1. Reading - I remember riding my bike to the library as a kid and taking home loads of books.  I have always been a book worm!  I am particularly fond of chick-lit authors.  I love Sophie Kinsella (aka Madeline Wickham), Emily Giffin, Lauren Weisberger, Jane Green, Jennifer Weiner.  I recently read the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld and really enjoyed that!  Reading is such a nice and relaxing way to escape reality for a little bit and I like that I can read a page or a chapter or even many chapters depending on where I am or how much time I have.  You can connect to see what I am reading on Goodreads.

2. Listening to and discovering music - I don't know when exactly I started to enjoy this, but I remember in high school listening to all kinds of different types of music.  I always enjoyed listening to the radio and singing along . . . that is how I would get ready in the morning everyday.  In college, I worked at the radio station and loved listening to new music then too (when I had time - sheesh they keep you busy in college).  These days I like to play on itunes, listen to music I hear in movies, or on television shows and look up who sings those songs.  I like to exchange music with friends - Spotify is an awesome way to do this . . . 

Funny story, Saturday, I was at Target, and bought two new CD's (yes, I still do this and don't just download - I like to have a physical copy if I am buying an album not just a couple of tracks - I know, how old school) and as I was checking out with them, the cashier said "You have good taste in music" and we started talking about bands, and I told him I love Weezer, and he gave me a high five.  Then after my receipt printed, he made it extra long and wrote down a couple bands he thought I might like.  How random is that?  At a Target!  I guess I just looked like someone who liked discovering new music :)

Hand in hand with this one, is that I love to see musicians perform their music live.  I am fascinated by what interesting people they are.  I love hearing the openers for bands I love and being either amazed and how good or how terrible they are.  You will often find me at a show watching the performers intently because I think they are just neat people.

3.  Stamping and Crafting -  This one is kind of no secret to anyone who read my blog, but I really like the creative release.  I like to create cards especially.  I love to do seasonal crafts.  I am not so much a scrapbooker, but I like to create memory books of seasonal holidays to add to each year.  I think the reason I like to do this so much is that I have always liked art and creating art and I love the look on people's faces when I tell them I made something myself.

4.  Exploring new places - You hear about this one all the time on my blog, but I really do like to go adventuring.  It can be near or far.  There are so many cool things in the world to see. I think this is why I never like to live in one place for two long.  I also think that my no fear attitude about adventuring alone, comes from my mom.  I have been known to take long road trips, just me and my kids. Hopefully one day I will have a chance to tour more places like Europe and Australia.  

This is a weird thing - but I like to collect postcards from everywhere I travel.  I think postcards are fun!  Whenever I go somewhere new, I will pick up a post card to add to my collection.  Another thing I like to collect while adventuring is smooshed pennies.  It's random, but a fun little thing to have.  I need to come up with a good way to display or use these little collections.

5.  Taking Pictures - I liked to take pictures for photography class in college and this hobby only got worse as I had kids.  I love pictures.  I really do believe they tell the story so much better than words alone.  I am SO SO very far from being good at taking pictures, but I really love to do it.  I think I like it because it preserves history and if you have a bad memory (which we all do as we get stressed out, sleep deprived and older,) it is a fabulous way to remember all the fun stuff you have experienced in your life.

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