Sunday, September 02, 2012

Meteor Crater

We decided late this morning to go on an adventure.  We got in the car and headed toward Flagstaff, AZ and on the way there was an accident, so we were slowed on the freeway by a police officer and then by the amount of cars waiting.  I was reading "Where We Belong" by Emily Giffin (which I managed to finish on the way), so I did not really mind.  I also took the opportunity to open the window and snap a couple pictures of the cacti in the desert (the clouds were pretty too).  If you have never been to the desert in AZ, here are a couple of pictures of it's beauty! (These were all taken while driving slow on the way).

Finally, we arrived at Meteor Crater!  We paid our admission and headed inside.  We got a couple of postcards, made smooshed pennies and then browsed the museum there until it was time to watch the short film they had.  It was interesting and explained about meteors hitting the earth and how the scientists figured out that this crater was created by a meteor.  After the film, we checked out the rest of the museum and then headed to the outdoor viewing area of the crater.  The highest viewing level was closed due to some lightning in the area (lots of it and really cool looking - not sure if I have ever seen lightning so clearly in the daytime before). It was crazy to imagine a meteor hitting the earth that was large enough to create this gigantic hole we were looking at, and super hard to get perspective on how big it really was.

The fam just chilling with a chunk of the meteor

Fakin' that they are at the bottom of the meteor crater

Anything where you are hands on, my kiddos are LOVIN' it!

My fave shot of the crater . . . it is SO HUGE!

My family at the Meteor Crater

Em and J love the lookouts

Taking a timeout at the bottom of the lookout trail (inside the crater)
Me and the two littles in the crater

Mic with the crater

Checking it out before we have to go

Just as we left, it started to rain, so we timed it perfectly!  It was a brief but interesting outing.  The drive home was uneventful and now I am super tired, so I must go to sleep so we can play some more tomorrow! Happy Labor Day to my family and friends!

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Nisa said...

What a fun adventure! It's so good to see all of you!