Monday, October 15, 2012

Arizona State Fair - Weezer Show

When I heard Weezer would be at the Arizona State Fair, I knew I had to be there!  The last time Weezer was coming to AZ, their tour bus got in a wreck and they had to cancel the show.

Our family had never been to the state fair.  We got a sitter for the younger two and took Em and J to their first concert ever.  Em was really excited, J was more excited about the rides than he was to go to the show.

We got there about an hour before the doors opened.  Em and J did the read and ride program.  You read three books and write a summary of about 25 words about each one, then you turn it in at the guest services booth and they gave us these awesome ride tickets worth three rides, any three rides, regardless of ticket amount.  We figure it saved us about $30, well worth doing.  It was enough rides that it made the fair fun for the kids.  We did not buy any tickets.  We did two rides before the show and one afterward.  The only thing we wanted to do, but didn't, was the zip line.  It looked SO fun!  

E and J decided to do the Sky Flyer as their first ride.

Sky Flyer in action

Posing and being goofy!

The Cyclone was what they chose as their second ride - it was a spin ride like teacups but elevated in the air

J really wanted to go on one of these haunted house/zombie rides, but E could not be convinced

Waiting for the concert to begin, and E making her =W=

Rivers rocking it

Pat and Scott (who looked super buffed up- someone has been hitting the gym)

J watching the show . . . his very first concert

I love this green guitar Rivers has!  Pretty!

My fam at the end of the show

E and J overlooking the rides at the fair

J really liked Behemoth Bug Land (it was really cool).  This is the mosquito

Ladybug and Locust

Black Widow

Awesome and disturbing . . . because everything tastes better dipped in chocolate

Their third ride, Crazy Coaster -- roller coaster that spins like teacups while you go

We wandered through the Agriculture Building and the Arts &Crafts Building

Cutest BIG bunny

Such a pretty chocolate brown color -- this totally makes me want a bunny!

Brand new baby chicks :-)

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