Sunday, October 07, 2012

Crochet Lace Guest Room Pillow

So I'm just gonna admit it . . . I become obsessive pretty easily.  Take crochet, for instance, I totally had not done it in forever and now I am working on all these projects because I realized how much I like doing it again.  It relaxes me.  

This project I started well over a year ago.  I did the side you can see (the butterfly granny square side) and it was folded and put in my crochet stuff bin.  Fast forward to a couple days ago, I decided to finish it.  I had purchased the silk when I began the pillow and even the pillow form for inside, so I just pulled out my machine and stitched the silk cover and then got to finishing the back side of the pillow (which is just straight rows of double crochet (DC), easy peasy!  I like how it turned out and I REALLY like that I actually finished it.  This is the pattern I used to create this:

Below is the link to the silk pillow idea and another pattern (not the one I used) to crochet a cover.  

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