Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Disneyland - October 9, 2012 (Trip 1)

So, rather than stay home for Fall Break for the kids, and endure them fighting like crazy, and trying to come up with ideas to entertain them daily, I opted to take all four to Disneyland, by myself since Michael had to work.  I knew it was a little crazy and that it would be hard, but I went for it and we had FUN!  The ride there was mostly uneventful because I left at two a.m. so that I could get there close to park open.

I say Trip 1 because we have plans to go Disneyland at the end of the month on my mom's birthday and with  M's parents as well.  I love fall at Disney though so I hardly mind. Halloween tends to be a bit more crowded at the parks, but it is worth it! 

I met up with my friend Karen (from Maricopa) and her awesome girls for two of the days which was great!  They were fun to wait in lines with and her girls were super helpful with the babies! 

Meeting Jack Skellington

M can't take her eyes off him (he was making fun of her not even blinking)

Cute kiddies in line for Pirates 

Halloween Roundup Party

Meeting Woody

Meeting Cruella (she made them pose like puppies) at Conjure a Villain

Meeting Goofy in his skeleton costume

Getting their fortunes from the fortune telling wheel

Donald in his pumpkin costume 

Coloring spooky Halloween masks

Kids posing with their finished masks

Cookie break while E and J go on Ghost Galaxy Space Mountain

Buzz Astro Blasters before we go home for the night

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