Friday, October 05, 2012

Everybody Needs a Thneed . . .

Have you seen The Lorax?  Well, I was working on my infinity scarves and I modeled them to hubby and he said it looks like a "thneed" and so that is what we are calling them now here in my house.  Haha!  I am so super happy with how this pattern worked out.  I had not crocheted anything in a LONG time!  This is the pattern I used.  I like the lacy, girly look to it!  It's pretty!

I did some self portraiture for the first one, and then got smart and had my cute little M model the other one. The first one is a cotton in ecru (you know the big cones you can buy?) -- it is less fuzzy and the pattern is clearer. I had this yarn on hand already from another project and figured I had enough (which I totally did!  YAY!)  I like it because I think it will go with everything autumn!

My mom requested that I make one in teal for her, and since she lives in Canada (aka, the frozen white North), I agreed.  (I would have anyway, but I KNOW she will get great use out of it there this winter!)  I found this awesome yarn at Hobby Lobby (Bernat Denim Style).  I hope she likes it!  She will be coming to visit me and the grand babies in a couple weeks and it will be great to see her and share Halloween with her!  Gotta run and begin referee duty . . . my kiddies are at it again!  Hope you have a great Friday and a fun weekend!

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