Saturday, October 06, 2012

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

So we had wanted to go check out this ostrich ranch after driving by a couple of times on other adventures, but our plan to go last weekend fell through because their monster truck tours were not running.  We totally wanted to do that when we were going, so we waited.  I am so glad we did!  It was so much fun!!!

Posing with the monster truck

Hey, I want a picture of me with it too!

Everyone pauses, a little nervous about feeding these huge freaky birds

I brave it . . . I get lucky, the bird I chose was mostly gentle (some are mean)

J was brave and fed them by hand too

Mic throwing feed into their dishes . . . they are kind of aggressive

Mic's new girlfriend goat (*mwah*)

Take # 458 -- haha, had to get a good picture (or something . . . lol that he did this)

Mic, the kids and all his girlfriends 

E feeding the deer

Em feeding the deer

On the monster truck, ready to go!

A hen with her eggs . . . really cool!

E checking out a real egg.  They are HUGE and totally strong (the driver stood on it)

Me and the egg . . . it was cool cause if you turn it, you can feel the yolk moving inside

An empty egg that a hen patched with calcium deposits after it got cracked, very fascinating

The Three Amigos Cacti

M just really excited to be holding a Monster truck ticket pass

Love that it said "Wish me luck cause I am going to take on the monster" on the pass

Dead rattlesnake . . . ew freaky yucko!

She let everyone touch it, just had to be careful not to go anywhere near the head . . . this is J's hand

E looking a little nervously, Em hiding behind dad

E bravely touches it after the driver covered its head

 Ostrich Fishing

View from the platform we were on

Dad helping M fish for ostriches

E taking a turn

My cute little family at the end of our fishing trip

Feeding miniature donkeys

E is brave again and feeds the donkeys

And E agrees to do goat kisses too

M likes the turtle

J feeding the ducks

And after all that fun, there is more, we headed into the rainbow lorikeet cage with nectar to feed them too!  So cool!  M totally freaked out when one landed on her and started swatting it like it was a bat or something.  She is such a girly girl.  This was my favorite part of the ostrich ranch I think!

Mic feeding the lorikeets

The older kids feeding the pretty birds 

Bird master . . . 

Me feeding the birds

Em loving it

J looking really young, and playing with the turtle

So cool to watch them, except when they land on your head

Babies liked splashing in puddles, cause that is how they roll.  J didn't mind having one on his head. 

Em, so pretty, with her little bird friend

The whole fam before we left for the day (it was getting hot dude, it is AZ)

Cooling off at DQ with a banana split

And pumpkin pie blizzards for the crew of littles

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