Saturday, August 03, 2013

Newport, OR - Part I

 As one of our summer activities, I knew I wanted to take the kids to the coast and we decided on Newport because it had the aquarium, and poor E has been going through aquarium withdrawals.  We totally miss going to SeaLife in AZ together and seeing all the fishies.  It was our happy place to mellow out. 

I had all these plans of doing activities (pulled taffy, aquarium port holes craft, tissue paper fishes) with the kids during the week leading up to the trip, but being a faker single mom is exhausting (seriously, don't know how real single mommies do it and work) and those SO did not happen *sigh*  Maybe next time.  I really wanted to make pulled taffy with the kids.

First stop . . . the beach.  Kids were really excited to get to use their sand toys in sand.  I was really excited to listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean and take some pictures.  Hubs was still working, so he worked on scouting out a spot that his web access would still work, and then finally gave up and played kites with us for a bit.

Littles building sand castles.  I showed them how to pack the sand in to make it come out more perfectly.
Coastal View . . . so soothing to my soul

Em perfecting the art of dumping a bucket out
Nothing says fun like finding "treasures" from the ocean
My deep thinker, pondering the vastness of the ocean
Flying the pirate kite with their Dad
Mic, taking flying the kite seriously