Tuesday, July 11, 2006

El Paso Gathering at Jody's House

A group of us chatters that hang out on Splitcoaststampers web site, decided to get together and meet in El Paso at Jody's house. It was a lot of fun. I think it was something that we all needed and that we proved that you are never too old for slumber parties. I got to meet Jody (texasjodylynn), Karen (gamblemom), Beth (TMDmom), Kristin (wasatch wizard), Nicki (up4stampin2), Nette (nettefrawl), Kim (mamaof3insd), Tracy(kid305) and Cyndi (cpw3431).
Our weekend included: arriving and getting spoiled by Jody, car troubles (what trip is complete without some), lunching at Olive Garden, a trip to Juarez, Mexico - complete with an authentic mexican margarita (haha), goofing around, playing bunko - (and winning awesome prizes that Jody had gathered and put together-WOW),
doing a bunch of shoebox swaps (gotta have stamping in there), goofing around, making bracelets (YAY Nette), eating lots of yummy food(Tracy has the best recipes ever), swimming in Jody's pool, shopping at Hobby Lobby and some local stamp stores (even though the stamp store lady was a sour grape) and getting to know each other better. I just can't wait till we do it all again next year! Thanks so much for offering your house as a place to gather Jody! You are awesome!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This took a long time.

Yes it did! I really really love the result though, but holy effort batman. I really really hope that Jody likes it as much as I do. (Thanks for the photo Jody).

I was inspired by a magazine to create this photo holder using plaster of paris and a paintcan. Basically, you take your wire and twist it into shapes to hold the photos, (swirly triangles, circles, squares). Next you bend the non shaped ends into an "L" shape. The "L" is fairly small and keeps the wire post from being pulled out of the plaster. After you have finished, you place the wires, "L" down, into the paintcan and pour in your pre-mixed plaster. You have to monitor as it dries to get the right placement of all the wires. Once the plaster is dry, you can decorate the can. I used fun scrapbook paper and ribbons. I also cut up some cardstock and crimped it and rolled it into little swirls to cover the plaster and look like soil. Oh, and the top flowers are done with magnets and brads. You place a brad in your flowers somewhere and it magnets to a tiny circle magnet which sticks to the metal wire. It is easy and so smart.

Our 4th of July

For this year, we just decided to relax at home and do nothing during the day. I made a jello cake which was totally yummy. After we ate dinner, we decided it would be fun to go see some fireworks, so we looked online and found some displays close to us. We drove until we got close to one and all the streets were blocked off, so we parked and walked up to watch the fireworks. They started before we got to our destination though, so we ended up stopping in an apartment complex and watching them. I think E and J were okay but not totally impressed. Next year I want to get closer so it will be loud and they can really experience fireworks. Anyway, we had a good time. My kids looked darling too!!! Happy Independence USA!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

J's 2nd Birthday

We decided that this year, since I have just returned from Canada, we would have a Canada Day party for J. We made him Canadian flag cupcakes and he has a Canada Day T-shirt, and it turned out pretty cute. I cannot believe my little baby is two years old. It is crazy how fast time flies.

J had fun. He was not afraid of the candle on the cake. He enjoyed being sung Happy Birthday to (E even sang) and he loved his cake and made quite a mess (although not as messy as his first birthday thank goodness). J is typically always so serious, so it was funny to me when I looked at the pictures that there were very few with smiles. Even on his birthday he is a Mr. Seriouspants. Too funny! After cake J opened his presents. He got two superhero characters, a train track and train for little people, and Mr. Potato head and an extra accessory pack. We also got E a Mrs. Potato head and accessory pack so they could play together. I think it was a good memory for J. I know I will never forget his adorable face.