Tuesday, December 02, 2008


A fun memory that I have from when I was a kid, was the Christmas that we spent at Disney World -- just me, mom and my little sister. It was so fun! The weather was PERFECT! I remember decorating cookies in the resort lobby, going to see this awesome show with all the characters, Pez dispensers on our pillows on Christmas day when we came back to our room, awesome fireworks at Epcot and I am not sure if this even happened there, but I think it did -- I remember my mom crying over these round/star shaped santa and mrs. claus tree decorations because she loved them -- I think that was in Epcot Center where they had the around the world at Christmas stuff. Maybe my mom can chime in and remind me where this was for sure. Weird thing to remember, I know. However, when ever I see a round/star shaped santa now, I think of my mom. (Seriously, not even sure - this could have been anywhere).

Well, while I was at xpedx a while ago, I saw this stamp by Stampendous and I had to get it! He was just too adorable! I created a couple of these little Christmas gift tags using my new Chubby Santa. I also made some other tags at the same time, these ones I used some of the pop up stickers that you can buy at Michaels (I think they are like $1), made by "Recollections" -- if you don't have time to stamp, color and cut out, but want a home made look, these are for sure the way to go! Hope you find some time to add a personal touch to gifts this year using home made gift tags.


Janyece said...

I'd like to know where you're hiding all this time! You have to be the most organized person I know.

What fun memories! Now I want to go to Disney World for Christmas! Thanks a lot! ;)

Crazylor said...

Thanks for thinking of me honey...
and yes I'm crying. lol

We actually found them at Downtown Disney, the shopping area in one of the little boutiques. I remember that moment so well! And guess what adorns my little Christmas tree right at the front and centre! They are my all time favourite decorations! Love you!