Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This took a long time.

Yes it did! I really really love the result though, but holy effort batman. I really really hope that Jody likes it as much as I do. (Thanks for the photo Jody).

I was inspired by a magazine to create this photo holder using plaster of paris and a paintcan. Basically, you take your wire and twist it into shapes to hold the photos, (swirly triangles, circles, squares). Next you bend the non shaped ends into an "L" shape. The "L" is fairly small and keeps the wire post from being pulled out of the plaster. After you have finished, you place the wires, "L" down, into the paintcan and pour in your pre-mixed plaster. You have to monitor as it dries to get the right placement of all the wires. Once the plaster is dry, you can decorate the can. I used fun scrapbook paper and ribbons. I also cut up some cardstock and crimped it and rolled it into little swirls to cover the plaster and look like soil. Oh, and the top flowers are done with magnets and brads. You place a brad in your flowers somewhere and it magnets to a tiny circle magnet which sticks to the metal wire. It is easy and so smart.

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