Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Sorry I have been MIA for well over a week. Seriously, where did the month of April go???? With preparations for Stamp Mania 5 and the mayhem that I normally just call life, things have been hectic, but now, I am back. I managed to take a few pictures at Stamp Mania - so that is fun. Oh and my DH managed to deal with our kids at Disneyland for a whole day on his own *seriously impressed* I have been working on some Hanna stuff to share with you too. Can you believe the next release is getting so close already? Time seriously flies! WOW! You will just love these ones -- I know it. Anyway, stick around this week, I promise to post a little more than the past couple weeks. Hehehe! On to the marathon post:


What can I say about this -- I had SO much fun! Jami, Joy, and Emily always do such an amazing job running things smoothly and efficiently. Seriously, they are an impressive team. It was awesome to see everyone I met last year again. It was so cool that two of my Hanna stamps girls were there -- LeAnn and Beth :) The projects were all amazing and I actually got them all done in the time allowed. I also WON the most amazing sponsor prize from Daisy at Eclectic Paperie -- they are these gorgeous mini rubber romance Divas -- seriously so cute!!! Thanks Daisy! The door prize I got was super fun and useful -- I got a set of clipboards from Amy (amyroo). Thanks sweetie pie! YAY! Okay, on to the pictures . . .

Denier, Emily and Me

Denier, Me, Aubrey

Taylor and Me

Me, Beth, LeAnn

Leslie B and Me

Rochelle and Me


Has bliss chocolates in the bag at the bottom -- they even matched. *grins* This idea was taken from the SU catalog -- I updated it a little to add the One of a Kind set and to do it in prettier colors. I think it turned out fun and was challenging :) I hope all the swappers liked it -- they seemed to.

Close Up of Mini Card


I totally copied this idea from Jody (texasjodylynn). She had it on her blog the other day and I fell in love with it. This picture was taken by Valerie (thumbunny) -- thanks so much because I neglected to take a picture of my own before I dropped it off at the door prize table and then handed it out. The cards are a set of four, two are different than this one, and they are blank inside. There is also another little seed pot, and a little 2,4,6,8 Box of chocolates in the back of the little garden box that you cannot see. I had tons of fun creating this. This door prize also qualifies for this past weeks Bloggers Challenge -- which was to use chipboard. I used chipboard flowers on the top of each of the little pots -- covered with designer paper. YAY!


We met my BIL and some of his kids there Friday night to play. It was a lot of fun for E to get to play with her cousins. It was also cool to do some things we had never done before in California Adventure. We discovered E was now 40 inches tall and could ride some of the bigger kid rides. We had lots of fun.

I met my family at about 6 pm on Saturday after Stamp Mania and we played until park close basically. We got to see Fantasmic with a pretty awesome place to stand. E got to go on Splash Mountain for the first time -- she got a little wet, but liked it. E also got to try out Thunder Mountain Railroad for the first time and liked it a lot. On the way to the parking garage, one of the tram workers gave E a Tinkerbell collector pin -- it is just so cute!

On King Tritons Carousel - J and his cousin Alyssa

DH and his redheaded brother Brian -- and J squirming

Waiting for the Pixar Play Parade to begin

E's first time on Jumping Jellyfish -- she finally reached 40 inches tall

Hope you had fun coming on my Southern California vacation. I am so glad that we bought Disney passes a few months ago -- they are so much fun! I just love it there and after all, why wouldn't I? It is the happiest place on earth!


Danyelle Kessler said...

Wow,'ve been a busy bee. I always wondered if people who lived near Disney World/Land parks went frequently or if it got old quick. Looks like the kiddos don't mind going over and over again. Beautiful swaps and door prizes.

Rachel said...

Looks like fun! Isn't Taylor awesome?? I have taken a couple classes from her. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Kim said...

Wow what fun times you've been having lately! Kim

bensarmom said...

So many pretty cards and fun times with family and friends. Looks like great door prizes too. Such talent!