Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Instead of packing, I played the whole day with my family today. We slept in, then ate some breakfast and watched cartoons, then we got dressed and went out to lunch at Olive Garden. After that we went to the pumpkin patch and farm to play.

The kids had a lot of fun with the activities the farm had to play with -- they had a hay bale maze which the kids did over and over . . . .

and they had a "corn box" which was like a big sandbox filled with dry corn. The kids were so hard to get out of the corn box. They loved it!

They also had a slide, a petting zoo area with goats and some baby black pigs, and a little train.

They also had a couple of corn mazes. One was made just for kids and we went in it. It was fun! E posed like this for the picture all by herself . . . I thought it was just too funny!

And last but not least, we played a little bit in the pumpkin patch. J's last experience with pumpkins he was about 4 months old (well, the last time we were at a pumpkin patch that is) so it was really fun to see him with all the pumpkins. E was totally cute too! I captured this great photo of M in the pumpkins and it makes me smile!

(I think J was a little tired by the time we got to pictures with mom)

All in all we had a wonderful day at the farm. I am glad we went. I was a little more expensive than I would have liked and we probably would not go back to this particular farm again because of it, but it was a fun time. The day did not end after this though. We went home, got the kids dressed in costumes and went to our church Halloween party and trunk or treat.


Beth Norman said...

What fun.

Anonymous said...

Yay !!! I love Grandbaby pics !!!
love you

Ashley said...

It looks like everyone had a great time.
My preschool went to the pumpkin patch a week ago, I love that place. I hate the corn maze though but the kids enjoy the hay maze and bunnyville.
I can tell you live in a warmer climate because our corn is crispy and brown and the corn in your area looks green and happy.

paula said...

Even though we have never met, I am so happy to see you have returned to keeping in touch on here. I have missed your creativity! I drool over your recipes and the fall pics are awesome! Oh, and the house is beautiful!! Smiles!

Erin said...

Your family is so cute. You have turned into such a domestic goddess. You guys look great and I love the house. Wish I could get one to. Someday.

Rhonda Kelly said...

Looks like so much fun! Two beautiful kids! Love the costumes.
Love your work and browsing your site! Thanks for sharing.

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

YOu did a great job on their costumes. I miss sewing my kids costumes. I used to do this when they were younger. Love the pumpkin patch pics too, I need to get my
Have a great weekend. Chris

MrsBoz (CarrollAnn) said...

You make cards, cook, bake, crochet...I hope you scrap book!!! You've got some awesome photos here of your lovely family!!