Monday, October 22, 2007


So I finally got my camera back after leaving in the restaurant in Utah. My cute friend Robyn sent goodies with it, so that was fun. However, upon attempting to upload the pictures on it to my computer, I discovered that the USB cord is missing. M and I went on a frantic search for like 2 hours yesterday and we still have not recovered it. I guess I am most frustrated because I hate losing my memory and there are two cords out there somewhere in my house missing. *annoyed* Anyway, M said he would go and get me a new one today at lunch and that all would be well when he came home. He is such a keeper. SO, that is part of the main reason I am slacking. I find it so hard to just write and not photo-document everything. Pictures are worth a thousand words you know . . .

Anyway, since I wont get the cord till tonight, I thought I would answer some of my blog emails in this post to "catch up"

Lynda (Aug 15th)
Amanda: Love your Magnolia card. I have been trying to access the website for Magnolia. I can bring up the catalog but I cannot move the text to the right or left to view the full image of the stamp or place an order. Did you have a problem with this or is it a setting on my computer? If it is, do you have any idea how to correct it? I do not have any trouble viewing any other blogs.
Thanks for your time

I have not noticed this problem with my computer. What browser are you using? I use Mozilla Firefox (a free download) and I love it -- maybe try downloading that??? I am seriously computer inept, wish I could help more.

Phebe (Aug 16th)
I have been trying for months to get their product to sell I am not getting anywhere and the site keeps freezing.

Can you tell me how you got magnolia’s stamps and is there a phone number on your invoice from them and 1 more question what is the difference between unmount,ezmount and mounted.I sell the mounted mostly however I am not sure of the other two and which one is best and most convenient for my customers to have.

Sorry a lot of questions but hopefully I can finally get some answers about some amazing stamps!!!!!!!!

I had a hard time when I ordered because I could not read Swedish, so I found an email address on the site and wrote an email in English to them telling them the numbers of the stamps I wanted to order and they replied and sent me a paypal invoice for the items, and I paid it and they sent it. Unmounted are just the rubber, EZ Mount is rubber with foam and mounted is rubber and foam on a wood block.

I bought just the rubber. I use a product called Tack 'N Peel (Tsukineko) which allows me to mount the rubber to an acrylic block temporarily and then remove it and reuse the block. I really like acrylic stamps lately and this is a great way to incorporate some of the rubber stamps you love with the acrylic supplies.

Kathi (Aug 19th)
I've just recently discovered the Magnolia stamps too....just don't have any. I just love what she looks like..she is so adorable!!!!
I've been to their website but haven't been brave enough to order.
What size are most of the images? The ones where the little girl is usually standing? Didn't see anywhere on website size of stamp. Also are you buying them mounted or unmounted?? I've only used wood mounted stamps so don't know what to do with the unmounted exactly although I see they are cheaper.
Thanks of for anything you can tell me about these cuties or anything that would make ordering easier.

See above post. The images I have are all about 3.5 to 4 inches high I would say. I am guessing though and my guesses seem to be inaccurate often because I am Canadian and am not used to inches and feet. They have pages and pages of catalogs on their site -- also, they have an English site now which should make it easier to order . . .

(Right under the VISA/Mastercard sign, there is a little drop down menu that changes the ordering cart to English) HTH!

Anita (Aug 24)

My question is where did you find the Magnolia stamps? I have seen them for sale in Sweden (on-line, of course) but can't seem to find an outlet for them here in the states.

See above post but also, I bought them from the site in Sweden and have not found an outlet for them here yet, but I bet people are working on it cause they are DARN cute!!!

Rochelle (Oct 6th)
I've never considered myself computer challanged but I'm really stuck with this blog stuff.
How did you get started?
Who created your banner?
Do you have any suggestions to make the creation of my blog easier?
I own a rubber stamp shop in OHIO and thought this would be a great way to communicate with my customers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I started my blog because I wanted a place to showcase my work and to write about it and to just be goofy and have fun! My blog is totally just for me most of all. I love reviewing where I have been and what I have done. I started my blog when blogger was old school and then converted it over. I had some basic HTML knowledge from a class in college, but most of the info I needed I googled for. I would just ask for HTML code for ___________ and often it would come up with multiple sites that had the info I needed. I created my own banner using Adobe Photoshop. Using a service like blogger really does help layout the blog simply. I agree, it is a great way to communicate with customers. One thing that might help you is using source codes. You can left click on almost any webpage and "View Source" which shows you the HTML code for that page. Often I would find a feature on a page or blog I liked and then view the code and copy pieces of it until it worked. Also, it helps to have a test blog to try out all the new stuff on before you do it for real on your good blog page. Hope this helps!

Kelli (Oct 15th)
I was linked to your blog by a gal at Creating Keepsakes message boards, who found your link at Rocky Mountain hobbies website, and I just have to say, what an awesome tutorial. I haven't made one yet, but I plan to! (Coincidentally, the new Oriental Trading Scrapbooking catalogue is selling an ugly kit for these this anyway, thank you for posting this tutorial!
I love seeing the tutorials for interesting paper crafts, I'm browsing your blog now, but I'll ask anyway, do you have any other awesome tutorials posted or have friends who have some posted?? I'd love to see what people are making these days!

WOW! I am impressed at how far my blog has stretched. That is one of the only tutorials on my blog besides the one that I did for a star book. A great resource for different tutorials is Splitcoaststampers. It is totally my favorite stamping site out there! LINK HERE to their technique and other tutorials:

Another cool place to look for tutorials are on any of the blogs featured in my sidebars. They often have tutorials and cool ideas! I *heart* my friends!

Dale (Oct 17th)
I "love" your pinecone ornaments. They are awesome. I was reading the comments and Sarebear, Amiee, and Vickie said they had made some also. Can you please give me a link to see their ornaments? Or any other ones that you could share with me. I would so appreciate it. Thank you.

Um, I am not sure exactly where you would see all of their ornaments . . . but since the tutorial was from last year, if they posted them on their blogs it would be about a year ago. I know Debbie Olsen did some on her blog about a year ago (link is in my sidebar)

Cheryl (Oct 20th)
Hi Amanda ! I've never commented on your blog but I've really been missing you . I hope all is well . If you've got a new blog somewhere could you please send me the feed to it . If not get back at it girl ... we miss you !

Nope, I have not moved, just been slacking because of the impending real life move (and trying to pack with two little ones under foot -- only three weeks till we move) and then also not having my camera . . . but thanks for this message, it made me feel loved and special and I promise I will be back in business before thanksgiving!!

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