Monday, July 13, 2009

Crafting with the Kiddies . . .

Busy day here today. First we went and saw "The Tale of Desperaux" - well, all except for the last 5 minutes because E had to go potty and could not hold it, so we missed the end. Feel free to message me how it ended. lol!

Then we went to JoAnn's, where I discovered that they are selling Core'dinations card stock (which I LOVE) and right now the paper is 6/96 cents - DEALS! Anyway, I have lots of this paper, but I bought some of the Gemstone collection (sparkly and textured -- woohoo).

When we got home, my kids were in a crafty mood (darn craft stores). They have this Disney book, that has all sorts of fun stuff in it. One of the things was how to make Celia and Mike and some other monsters from Monsters Inc. We got all the stuff the other night. We found some time to make the characters this afternoon. I think they turned out cute, and most importantly, the kids are SUPER excited and haven't put them down.


Laura Fluke said...

Those are super cute! I love seeing your updates on FB too! I love how much you time you spend with your kids yet still get everything done- you are my hero! =)

Amanda said...

Dear Laura,
Don't come visit me today. My house is a mess and I have gotten nothing done. I did have fun with my kids though!

(flattered you called me your hero, even though I assure you I am far from deserving).

KA said...

Remember when I asked how you spent so much time with your kids and get your chores done? You said "settle with having the upstairs OR the downstairs clean, but not both at the same time." I've found time for lots more adventures together since adopting that principle. With kids that cute, I can see why you don't want to miss out on their childhood.

Mary said...

I love the little characters that your children made. They came out so adorable. It looks as though they want to be crafters just like thier Mom. Your children are beautiful.