Sunday, March 25, 2007


I still have not gotten that big box of mono yet . . . but it was shipping directly from TOMBO and should arrive within 10 business days of ordering, which according to my calculations mean it should either arrive Monday or Tuesday at the latest . . .

I still need money from the following people:

Jessica H ($47.76), Amy I ($119.40) - Paid $100 -- still owes $19.40

I am keeping track on here still so that I make sure it all gets collected. I will send out emails as soon as the product arrives to let you know on shipping costs. Also, when it gets here I will take a picture so you all can see that it is indeed coming . . . I am so eager for it to arrive -- I am on my very last refill . . .

Hope you are having a good weekend everyone!


StampingontheLakefront said...

can you tell me the contact info for tomboy to order like you did?

Lois said...

Amanda, If they do not come thru with the money & you need to unload your extra, I am local & would gladly swap cash for some mono. Let me know. my area code is the same as yours & the # is 535-4486,