Thursday, April 29, 2010

Disney Give a Day Volunteers: Cards & Pictures for the Troops

Our family had an opportunity to participate in the Disney - Give a Day, Get a Disney Day program.  The kids school was making cooling ties to send to the troops, and by the time we signed up, that part was done, but they wanted to send a handwritten note or picture from a child with each tie that they had made, which is where we came in.  

I was excited because I am a card maker and what a perfect opportunity to spend some time doing some good.  I worked hard on the cards I made and I think they turned out cute.  Then afterward my hubby and I wrote a personalized message in each one.  I hope they bring some cheer.  

If not, I KNOW the kids pictures are sure to!  They made me laugh out loud.  My favorite one is J's picture that says "Have fun" and has a dude with a sword fighting - like war is ever fun . . . lol - it made me smile!


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