Saturday, April 24, 2010

Salsa Festival 2010

Salsa Festival was fun, but kind of crazy this year -- I was just not digging the layout so much . . . and I WAY preferred the way they gave out chips in your own bag in previous years.  So much more sanitary and no lines -- the lines were RIDICULOUS!!  I also think the event as a whole was too spread out and awkward. Because of this, we did not end up staying as long as we have in the past. Still, we had fun and got to taste some yummy salsas while we were there.

 I decided I would try and vote on the "Unusual" salsa entries this year, and Michael tasted and voted on mild salsas. (I think our favorites were M1 and U2)  Michael says he would like to enter a salsa sometime.  We will see  in the coming years!  

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Rebecca said...

We didn't make it this year. I'm surprised they didn't hand out individual bags of chips. Did they just have bowls of chips at the salsa booths? Gross! Maybe next time we'll all bring our own $1 bag of tortilla chips from Fry's.