Saturday, April 10, 2010

Phoenix Film Festival 2010 - April 8-15th

Today we had the opportunity to go see the short film that E was in called "Copper" on the big screen at the Phoenix Film Festival (as part of the Arizona Short Film Showcase).  It was so much fun!  E was so funny to watch -- she totally loved every minute!  She felt like a movie star and told everyone we met that she was, and because we were at the Film Festival, they all reacted excitedly which was cool. She got to see Kimber, and Diane and Bivas again, and was excited about that.  Baby E was crazy out of control in the theater, so we left after E's short was finished. 

We then went and participated in some of the Kids Day Activities.  She gave out her first autograph to the girls running the Bookmans table there.  She was so proud of that moment. We kept the Film Fest guide and also our tickets so she would have them to save forever.  Maybe one day I will scrapbook them, who knows?

E's movie star attendee shots 

At the theater with Dad and Baby E

Making sounds in the sound booth at Kids Day

Making a funny screenplay  . . .

E's first autograph . . . she's famous now *grins*


Stampin_melissa said...

How exciting for your budding movie star!!

bubbles said...

that is super cool!!

Brimaca said...

She's awesome!