Thursday, January 19, 2012

Orlando to Miami -- Weezer Cruise - Day 1

It seriously feels like I have been waiting for weeks for this to come, and we are HERE!  We checked in at about 11 am, and our rooms aboard the ship were not going to be ready till after noon, so we chilled out on the deck overlooking Miami.  It was really relaxing already.  We ate some food.  We finally got to take our stuff to our room, and then we had to head to our muster stations for a safety briefing and after what happened with the Costa Concordia, I wanted to make sure we were there.  

Michael when we first boarded and right after I got him to put on some flip flops :-)

Port of Miami

After the safety briefing, we headed upstairs to the Lido deck right away and managed to get a fantastic spot to view the outdoor sail away show.  Weezer was AMAZING!!  As if I expected anything less than that! 
Crowd gathered waiting for the show to begin

View of stage from where we were standing

Rivers getting ready to go on stage, kicking a soccer ball around under a pop tent

 The man himself, Rivers Cuomo!  Awesome!

Weezer rockin' the Lido Deck

Seriously my favorite band . . . ever . . . 

 Captain Cuomo!  Pretty sweet hat.  He wore this for a bit and signed it for the dude who owned it

Setlist picture from the sail away show

Playing the whole blue album in its entirety . . . 


 After the show concluded, Mic and I went to see The Antlers in the Palladium Theater.  We were both falling asleep and tired though, so after a bit, we went back and crashed.  

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