Monday, February 13, 2012

Disneyland - February

We love our Disneyland trips!  Emma decided that she would like to have a Harry Potter friend birthday party for her birthday, so we decided we would take our February Disney trip on my birthday weekend.  I just love being there with the mouse on my special day!  I love that you get a celebrating button and that all of the workers wish you happy birthday by name!  Disney truly is the happiest place to spend your birthday . . . even if you are turning 33 years old.  I feel so ancient these days, and I know I am a youngin' still, but the 4 babies in 10 years thing is taking its toll on my body and I am always tired lately.

Still, we managed to do Disneyland from about 8 pm - midnight on Friday.  Then we got back to the park at about 10 am on Saturday (later than I wanted but we were pooped and slept in) and stayed till about 8 pm.  When we got back to the hotel, we put the babies and ourselves down for a nap.  Em and Jonah stayed up and were glued to Disney Channel.  I woke up again at about 9:45pm and sent Michael and the older two kids back to the park to play until close.  Then we went back again for a few hours from about 9 am until 2 pm on Sunday.  Phew!  So tiring!  I wish I had as much energy as my kids!!!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from this trip:

Meeting Donald - Megan was hitting his beak . . . lol 

Meeting Goofy . . . the timing was right and we barely had to wait

MICKEY - My older kids are actually SMILING and you can see everyone's face in this picture - victory!

Woody in California Adventure, while E and I went on California Screamin' together for the first time

E being a goof in toon town . . . I love this girl SO much!

Meeting Pluto in toon town . . . Megan was new to this whole character thing at this point

Catching this view of the castle driving on the double decker bus at the top on a crowded Saturday morning!

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