Saturday, February 04, 2012

E's 9th Birthday - Harry Potter Style

E decided she wanted to have a friend party for her 9th (no shock there) and the theme she decided on was Harry Potter.  Okay, normally I would be stoked about this idea, but because the movies are all done, there is like NO stuff out there to host an easy party with everything pre-printed which is about the pace that I needed right now because everything is all hectic and crazy (PHEW, that was a run-on sentence in a BIG way!)

Anyway, I tried my best and I think her friends had fun, so that is all that matters right???

Waiting on Platform 9 3/4 for her friends to arrive . . . 

Eating with her friends, pizza rolls, chips and butterbeer of course

Levitating her cupcake plate with her magic wand (best giant glow sticks from dollar tree)

Everyone singing happy birthday to E!

Her owl cupcakes (okay, so they are kind of messy, but I tried)  

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