Saturday, February 18, 2012

J's First Soccer Game 2012

So a long while back, when I asked J what he wanted to be involved in this year, he told me soccer, so that he could earn another trophy.  Heheh!  I thought it was funny that a silly participant trophy was enough to motivate him to play.  He is learning so much better this year than he has in the past and really likes his coach.  He had his first game today.  All of the kids played so well.  His team lost 1-0 but it was great (well, what I got to see when I wasn't chasing the two babies).  Here are some pictures that Mic took while we were there.

J was excited to be goalie

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Claudia said...

Hi Amanda,
Cute pictures - the kids are getting so big! I just caught up on your blogging for 2012. It's good to see you posting again.