Saturday, February 25, 2012

Disney's Aladdin Jr.

My children had the opportunity to be in their elementary school production of Aladdin Jr.  It was way better than I expected!  I had such a fun time watching, even my littles were amused by it for 45 minutes which is AMAZING because they never last that long!  

E was a towns person, and J was a guard!  They were in the first couple scenes, and then another closer to the end.  They did awesome!  I love that they were involved in something together!  It was also a fantastic way to end off their school experience here. 

Oh yeah, I probably haven't mentioned that on here yet, we are in the process of making another move, this time just closer to M's work.  The commute has been killer and we need more family time.  It has been hard living away from a real city (where we have to drive into town to go to Dr's or shop at a mall or Target).  Also, the town we live in seems to have stagnated, growth wise, which is sad.  We just decided that we needed to move on now from our house here.  I will keep you updated on pics of the new home once we get there and get settled in . . . maybe . . . when and if I can find a second ;-)

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