Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Day at Disneyland

Disneyland was a lot of fun. E was just so excited to go and both the children were excited over the simplest of things (like the tram from the parking garage to Downtown Disney District - YAY!) We bought our tickets and were pleasantly surprised to find that since J is only 2 1/2 - he was free! YAY! He turns 3 in July, so we just barely caught that deal. We took so many pictures. The first thing we went on was the Carousel, and the Dumbo Flying Elephants and Casey Jr. train. When I was little and went to Disneyland, the things I remember most were the Dumbo flying elephants and It's a Small World, so I wanted to ensure we would get on both of those nice and early!!!

We took poor E on some scary rides that I did not realize were so scary -- like for example, Snow White and Pinnochio -- wow, those were both pretty scary stuff. E just put her hands over her eyes and tried to hide down as much as she could on those ones. She was also terrified on Pirates of the Carribean, and when we went in the haunted mansion we had a group of teen girls with us that just screamed their heads off, so that frightened her pretty bad too. I felt like such a bad mommy, but I love the haunted mansion and just HAD to go. Oh, and even when we went on Buzz Lightyear, she was scared for the first minute. Of course, after the first minute, the ride broke down and we had to wait for a disney cast member to come escort us off the ride. It was okay though because they gave us a fast pass for later, and it gave us ample opportunity to take some pictures which we never would have normally gotten on the ride because we were just sitting there waiting. FAST PASS is really cool. If you are headed to Disneyland soon, and especially if you want to go on the more popular rides that get really crowded, be sure to use fast pass. We went Buzz twice more. The cool thing about that ride is that when you get off of it, down by the store, there are computers where you can email your picture to yourself for free. It's such a cool idea and we did it! Oh, and we bought J a Buzz Lightyear blaster gun and he LOVES it. It is kind of noisy and I cannot believe I actually agreed to getting it since I usually avoid noisy toys, but it was perfect for him and he was so excited.

E's favorite part was meeting some Disney Princesses. I swear we waited like 45 minutes to do that -- perhaps the only wait we had the whole day -- but it was worth it because E was so excited. She got to meet Pocohontas, Aurora, and Snow White and then when we were leaving, Belle was coming in to replace Pocahontas, so E ran and gave her a big hug and we took a picture with her and then she took E back into the princess area to tell Pocohontas she could go. It was cute!!! J and M went on Peter Pan while we did that and got back to meet us just in time! J really enjoyed driving a car. He is really into cars. We all enjoyed Pooh Bear and the Tiki Room. Oooh, and after Pooh Bear, I got our kids some Mickey mouse Lollipops (big ones) and they loved that!!! I found that we went on a lot of things that I have never really been on because we were with the children and I really liked it. It made Disney a whole new experience. Oh, and E absolutely loved the Hula girls on It's a Small World. That is probably my favorite thing in Disneyland, and E really really liked it too! It wasn't scary for her!!!

I really wanted to catch the Main St. parade, so we made sure that we made it back in time to see it. E and I went shopping in the Disney Princess store and she picked out a big headed Aurora doll to take home. Then we went back and found M and he had found a bench to sit and watch the parade, so we sat and relaxed until the parade began. After the parade was done, we went on Buzz once more, and then began to walk down Main St. and look through the shops. We stopped at the Mickey Mouse theater for a few minutes and watched the old Mickey cartoons, and then continued to shop. We picked up a few postcards to add to our photos that we took. Then we left and waited for the tram to the parking garage. J was so tired, M put him on his shoulders. He crashed about 5 minutes after we left the park. E was a little more awake, but very drowsy. We had such a wonderful day and plan to come back like every other year to do it again (or so.) Also, we did not do the California Adventure part at all, so we will come back to do that another time. I think perhaps when the kids are a bit older they will enjoy that.


Anonymous said...

YAY Disney !!! Wish we were there to enjoy it with you guys !!!

love ya


Teresa said...

Aww! You look like you had a magical time!!!