Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What's For Dinner Wednesday - Medieval Times

We're HERE! The weather here in California is just lovely. I remember as a child thinking it was HOT here, but after living awhile in AZ, it is just beautiful!!! Goodbye 100's, hellow 78 degrees and breezy!!! We arrived in Fullerton, CA nice and early in the evening due to M's awesome directing. Seriously, I always get lost when I get on the 215, but this time we managed to reach the 91W! Anyway, we got to our hotel and found out that Medieval Times was really close to us -- so we decided on a whim to go. I had never been before but always wanted to and M went last when he was 10. We had a lot of fun. We were cheering for the red knight. We bought the kids red ribbons to wave and they just loved that. The kids just loved it and sadly our knight did not win the tournament, but hey, maybe next time.

We got back to the hotel at about 9:30-ish and the kids were just so wound up. We ended up getting them to sleep or close to it about a half hour later. They were just laying in bed giggling. It was so cute I started to giggle with them and M just thought we were all too weird. So far no major problems. We discovered that our room is made for the handicap, so the shower head is lower than normal, but M and I aren't tall people and if we tip it up, we can make it work *giggles* -- okay, the truth is I am just too tired and lazy to move rooms!! Looking forward to a long day at Disneyland tomorrow. Check back tomorrow for some pictures of that adventure!

P.S. Enjoy that action shot of my son! Too funny! Apparently he thought it was the pirate adventure and he was digging for some treasure. It still makes me laugh when I look at it!


Tammy B said...

glad you're having fun :)
wanted to let you know i had salmon last night and made the topping you had on last week....boy howdy it was yum, yum, yummy! thanks for the recipe

Jan Scholl said...

Is dinner included with the price? the one in Chicagoland is 53.00 a person. what do you get for the admission price? Might want to give to someone as a gift

Amanda said...

You get dinner and the show for the price of admission. For dinner you get chicken and a spare rib, a baked potato, soup, garlic bread and dessert pastries. Oh, and soda or beer.