Monday, May 07, 2007

TAG, I'm it!

I have been meaning to post this forever because seriously I just got so behind in my blogging with all the stuff I have been up to . . . but . . . I was tagged by not one, but three lovely stamping friends (Thanks Lauri, Tara, and Terri)

So, here goes -- 7 random things about me:

1) I am a Canadian citizen living in the USA.
2) I am highly (I break out in hives) allergic to dust mites (which is why it makes total sense that I live in the desert - NOT! -- actually, there are supposedly less mites here)
3) I have my ears pierced
4) I prefer brads over eyelets but if I must use eyelets, I try to only use SU ones because they are softer and easier to open
5) My most used stamp tool is my monoadhesive, followed closely by my paper cutter and white gelly roll pen *grins*
6) I have two drawers full of stuff "to be altered" but I have yet to do it. I am such a hoarder. My goal is to use up most of that by the time I move.
7) I drive a silver Honda Odyssey, but I have a secret crush on old VW bugs. That would be my dream car -- a fully restored VW bug in the color of my choice (probably black). Now I just need to find someone who knows how to work on cars to restore one for me.

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Splashryan said...

I was wondering when you were going to post this, but I know just how busy you've been. I visit daily to catch up. :) Where in Canada are your from? I'm in BC. Are you moving back or to somewhere with lest dust? BTW, I love Grey's too! I aggree with not wanting to see Addison's show with our Grey's. I was so totally going to watch her show could we not? However, I do like Callie and always think back to what her daddy said about not hurting her little girl. She may be tough and all that on the outside but I think she's real vulnerable inside and needs George to open her up. I love the BF ship between George and Izzy and would hope that Izzy finds someone who is a big hearted as she is, maybe McVet? I'd like to see him back! Anyhow, I'll stop typing......Have a great night!