Sunday, May 13, 2007

What a fun day . . . Happy Mothers Day

Today has been a great day. I started it off weirdly, I woke up to my son shrieking, but as the day went on, it has gotten better and better. I made the most delicious French toast for breakfast. It was really simple to make and I will totally make it again -- it was a treat (I listed the recipe in Friday's post). M was supposed to make it for me, but I figured since I was up I might as well go for it. Also, M looked after the kids while I made it, so that was nice.

After breakfast, M and I took the kids to the park for about 20 minutes. We have to go for really small amounts of time because my daughter has reddish hair and the redheaded skin to go along with it and is super sensitive to the sun. I took some really fun pictures and it made me feel so happy to be a mom of two wonderful little munchkins. They may be a lot of work, but when they smile at me, my heart just melts! I mean, how could anyone not love their precious little grins! What a blessing they are.

After the park, M and I decided that we needed to groom the dog. YAY! Doggy haircut time. Poor Dobby was in desperate need of one. SO, we worked on trimming him for about 2 -3 hours. He looks so much happier and so much better. Since I have not posted a picture of him on here since he was a puppy, I thought I would share one with you!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you who are mothers, grandmothers, who will one day be a mother, and most importantly, to my cute mother who loves me so very much. I love you mom! I hope you enjoy this pictures of your sweet grand babies today -- they are for you!!!


Michele said...

Your kids.....and your dog too are adorable! Happy Mother's DAy!

Kristin said...

Love your music!! ;)
Glad yu had such a fantastic Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Baby !!!! Happy Mothers Day to you too !!... The pics are lovely...and now grace my desk at work !! Keep Smiling !!!!